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On January 29, 1943 began the offensive Operation "Leap" of the ███
███ South-Western Front forces. In the first days of the operation, ███
███ positions of 320 ID and 298 ID were smashed and both divisions began ███
███ retreating in disorder to the west. 298 ID could not be saved and it ███
███ vanished almost in full under attacks of the Red Army units. Not ███
███ wishing to lose the second, 320 ID, the German command developed a plan ███
███ for its rescue: units of the 2nd MIR LSAH will reach the Andreevka ███
███ area, between Zmiev and Balakleya. 320 ID will also arrive there. To ███
███ ensure the escape of 320 ID, aircraft constantly supplied fuel, ███
███ ammunition and food to its location, and dive bombers were actively ███
███ used by its request. By the end of February 11, units of Soviet 111 RD ███
███ had passed Krasnaya Polyana in the direction of Vodyanoe, aiming along ███
███ the Uda river to Borovoe village, from where they could strike the rear ███
███ of the MIR LSAH battlegroup defending Vasishchevo-Lizogubovka-Ternovoe. ███
███ Block breakthrough attempts of 320 ID units, playing as the Soviet ███
███ side, or break through the Soviet encirclement and save 320 ID units, ███
███ playing as the German side.
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